Swami Tyagananda

"Do You Remember?"

Lecture on March 5, 2017


Lecture on March 19, 2017

From Devotion to Renunciation

Lecture on April 9, 2017

Summer Retreat at Roan Mountain State Park, TN      July 10-16, 2017

Sunday Lectures and Other Videos

Here are a few Sunday lectures and other programs of the Center. More videos will be added to this collection, and some removed, from time to time.


Lecture on March 26, 2017

Sri Ramakrishna, the Avatara

Lecture on February 26, 2017

216 19th Avenue South East St. Petersburg, Fl 33705

Realization of the Self

Lecture on April 30, 2017

Sri Chaitanya

Lecture on March 12, 2017

Sri Ramakrishna and Christianity

Lecture on February 19, 2017

Sri Ramakrishna and Islam

Lecture on February 12, 2017

Swami Vedananda

Vedanta - A Modern Message for Modern Times

Lecture on April 2, 2017

Search of the Self

Lecture on April 23, 2017

A Message of Hope

Easter Service

Lecture on April 16, 2017