The Omnipresent God

Lecture on November 10, 2019

Play of the Divine Mother

Lecture on October 13, 2019

Practical Way to God-Realization

Lecture on June 30, 2019

Sunday Lectures and Other Videos

Here are a few Sunday lectures and other programs of the Center. More videos will be added to this collection, and some of the existing ones removed, from time to time.

God the Person, God the Mother

Lecture on October 6, 2019

Grow More Sattwa

Lecture on September 22, 2019

Voice of Wisdom

Lecture on November 24, 2019

The Eternal Self

Lecture on November 17, 2019

Culmination of Religious Pursuit

Lecture on September 29, 2019

Are You a Believer?

Lecture on November 3, 2019

Basic Dilemma of a Religious Seeker

Lecture on September 15, 2019

Kali of Ramakrishna-Vivekananda

Lecture on October 27, 2019

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Reincarnation of Soul

Lecture on October 20, 2019