Q:   I am visiting Tampa/St. Petersburg area from a distant city. I found from internet that there 
is a Vedanta Center here.  Can I visit the temple please?
A:    The Center is open for visits during the scheduled activity only. You are most welcome to visit us then.

Q:   What are the hours of daily worship? 
A:    The Center does not conduct daily worship service for public.

Q:   Are there any special ‘Pujas’ conducted by the Center as are found at some other Vedanta Centers and Vedanta Societies in America?
A:    Although some special celebrations are observed with such added activities as offering of flowers,
chanting, singing of prayers & meditation they are unlike the ‘Pujas’ conducted at a Hindu temple.

Q:    I am not a member of Vedanta Center.  Can I attend the services of the Center?  
A:    All are equally welcome to attend the services of the Center irrespective of their status of membership. 
The only requirement is that you should be respectful to the place and to the people that have 
congregated there. Also, you are required to arrive before the beginning of the service and stay for the entire period. Attending the services merely for the satisfaction of curiosity is not permissible.

Q:    Is there any dress code to be followed to attend the services?
A:    There is no uniform dress code followed for attending the services. Clothing in general considered 
appropriate for attending a service in a temple, or a church, or a mosque etc. are the right dress for Vedanta Center too.

Q:    Are there any other rules that I should know before entering the temple?  I know, of course, that shoes are not allowed there.
A:    Shoes are allowed in all areas where lectures and classes are given. But no one is allowed to eat or drink anything there. Moreover please turn off your mobile phones before entering there.

Q:    I have some questions.  Can I meet the Swami please?
A:    Please contact the Center and request for an interview.

Q:    I am a student.  One of my subjects is Hinduism.  I have got a questionnaire.  Can I get an
appointment with the Swami please?
A:    Please attend at least one of the Sunday services and request the Swami after the service for an appointment.

Q:   I want to be a regular member of the Center.  Do I need to sign any application form, or make any kind of formal declaration for that?  What are the criteria of eligibility for becoming a regular member?
A:    Every sincere seeker of God is eligible to become a member of the Center. You don’t have to sign any application form. If you like the universal teachings of Vedanta and start attending the lectures and classes regularly, then you shall be treated as a regular member of the Center. You may want to receive the Center’s bulletins and provide your contact information to the office for that reason. Regular members of the Center often consider it their spiritual home and therefore try to support it in various ways.

Q:   Can I make a donation to the Center?  What would be an appropriate amount?
A:   The center is maintained by private donations made voluntarily by its members and well-wishers.
You are welcome to Donate to the center. There is no restriction regarding the amount one could donate to the Center. No amount is considered too small, and all donations are acknowledged. Donations made to the Center are deductible under Income Tax law.

Q:   Is there any opportunity of giving voluntary service to the Center ? 
A:   You are most welcome to join the Center’s volunteer force. Please contact the office for more details.

Q:   I have been attending the services of the Center for a while. Now I feel a need for deeper spiritual practice. Can I receive personal spiritual guidance and/or initiation from the Swami?                                                                          A:   Yes, it is possible. Please talk to the Swami.

Q:   We have a marriage/death/child birth in the family. Can the Swami Solemnize the occasion by performing some worship? We are ready to pay him the necessary fees.
A:    No, he will not. The Swami does not undertake priestly jobs.

Q:    We have a group of religious minded people. Can we invite Swami to address us one day ?
A:    The Swami often visits such groups and gives talks. Please contact the Center with your specific requests.

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