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Do you ask anything from your children in return for what you have given them? It is your duty to work for them, and there the matter ends. In whatever you do for a particular person, a city, or a state, assume the same attitude toward it as you have toward your children – expect nothing in return. If you can invariably take the position of a giver, in which everything given by you is a free offering to the world, without any thought of return, then will your work bring you no attachment. Attachment comes only where we expect a return.
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Certain men stand up and say they have a communication from God and they are the mouthpiece of God Almighty, and no one else has the right to have that communication. This, on the face of it, is unreasonable. If there is anything in the universe, it must be universal; there is not one movement here that is not universal, harmonious all through. Therefore what is anywhere must be everywhere. Each atom in the universe is built on the same plan as the biggest sun and stars. If one man was ever inspired, it is possible for each and every one of us to be inspired, and that is religion.

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The test of progress is the amount of renunciation that one has attained. Where you find the attraction for lust and wealth considerably diminished, to whatever creed he may belong, know that his inner spirit is awakening. The door of Self-realization has surely opened for him. On the contrary if you observe a thousand outward rules and quote a thousand scriptural texts, still, if it has not brought the spirit of renunciation in you, know that your life is in vain. Be earnest over this realization and set your heart on it.
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​​Meditate! The greatest thing is meditation. It is the nearest approach to spiritual life - the mind meditating. It is the one moment in our daily life that we are not all material – the Soul thinking of Itself, free from all matter - this marvelous touch of the Soul!                                              
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Swami Vivekananda

Inspirational Thoughts



Dear Friends:

It has been a long-standing practice at the Vedanta Center of St. Petersburg to commence its activities and services for a new session in September every year after the Labor Day Weekend. We should have, accordingly, planned to open the Center from Sunday, September 13 this year for regular classes etc.  

Unfortunately, the prevalent condition of Covid-19 infection in our area does not allow us to do so. Therefore, we shall continue to give classes online only according to the following schedule:

Sundays at 11 am: Spiritual Talk

Wednesdays at 6.30 pm: Viveka Chudamani by Shakaracharya

Fridays at 6.30 pm: Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

These classes shall be of one hour duration each.  They shall be delivered via Zoom to a preselected class who shall receive email invite many hours in advance to join the respective class. Persons interested to join the class may contact us by emails. We wish all our friends, devotees, and well-wishers happy and healthy life.